The Human Thigh Bone Is Stronger Than Concrete

The Human Thigh Bone Is Stronger Than Concrete.

Light in weight & hollow human bone is even stronger than concrete.

The force required to break the bone  is heavily dependent on the angle on which the force is applied.
 A thigh bone can withstand about a tonne of stress before snapping

Your thighbone (femur) is the longest and strongest bone in your body. Because the femur is so strong, it usually takes a lot of force to break it, yet it gets fractured.


where the most common reasons for the fracture of thigh bone are:

  • Car accidents 
  • Falling from a height
The chances of the thigh bone  fracture are very rare if force is applied at 180 degree (in the direction of the length of bone).
But only 20 lb. force applied at 90 degree is enough to break it.



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